Saturday, December 1, 2007

Santa Cruz

Our major holiday is Holloween. More than Christmas, more than New Year’s... people dress up, wear what they want year round. I love the place.

It used to be called the PACIFIC GARDEN MALL. Now it's just DOWNTOWN.

White lace undies worn over her jeans.
a carton of Rice Dream Milk and a reefer.

Her boyfriend: “I’ll say anything you want me to say,
buy anything you want me to buy…”

One man dressed as a chicken, another
as a Viking, wears helmet with horns.

Two cops in shorts,
guns, mace and handcuffs. This is the pot of gold, the end of the rainbow.

Forest Primeval in a silent version of the movie Evangeline.
Santa Clara in Joe Schumacher’s The Lost Boys.
San Pablo in Clint Eastwood’s Sudden Impact,
location for native daughter Zazu Pitts’ movie Thunder Mountain,
location—a crumbling 1940s resort—for Jack Lemmon’s The Entertainer.

Foxy (foxy?) lady in ankle-length granny floral dress,
wide belt / rhinestone buckle /Birkenstocks
another picketing with a sign, “Down with good grooming!”


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